While the court system is the way disputes have traditionally been decided, there are now new and very different ways of resolving conflict. Ways that are empowering and give more control over the outcome to the parties themselves.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which a mediator facilitates communication between the parties, assists them in identifying the issues to be settled and helps them reach a mutually agreeable resolution for their dispute. Mediation builds on the positive to find  common ground. There are different forms such as commercial and workplace mediation. Divorce & Family Mediators  specializes in mediating divorce and family issues.

Divorce mediation guides a couple through the complex process of divorce and helps them make decisions regarding the division of their assets, custody, visitation and child support. A Parenting Plan can be mediated, offering a framework for divorced parents to help them stay close to their children after separation.

Post-divorce mediation assists in finding solutions to conflict and issues that might arise after divorce. This is often a very challenging time due to changing family dynamics. It is a form of family mediation.  Family mediation attempts to regulate the disputes within family relationships. All kinds of family disputes can benefit from mediation and will result in improved communication, reduced conflict and  more cooperation between family members.