Our Story - Divorce & Family Mediators

Divorce & Family Mediators (Pty) Ltd.

In 2005 Alfred Wolpe and Jacqueline O’Brien decided to pool their knowledge and experience together and start their own mediation practice: Divorce & Family Mediators. We specialize in mediating divorce and family issues. We have diverse professional backgrounds and are therefore able to handle all aspects of a divorce. We are parents ourselves and understand the complex emotions and turmoil the family experiences when parents have decided to spilt up.

Our main objective is to minimize the damage resulting from a divorce and to keep the family unit as unscathed as possible. We guide couples through the emotional process of divorce and help them structure a settlement agreement. Other than single mediation sessions we provide a complete service from mediation to the finalization of your divorce.  We are inspired by our goal to help couples restructure their families - not dissolve them, thereby ensuring healthy future family relationships. Spouses divorce each other, but never their children

We have been involved in numerous high conflict divorces and thereby established a base with certain members of the legal fraternity as  able to mediate in situations where they have reached an impasse and cannot move forward..

We meet on an ongoing basis with the Department of Justice and Constitutional development (the Doj & Cd) to discuss the divorce mediation arena and the way forward.

We give training courses for divorce mediators on an ongoing basis and we have written our own training material which was recognised by SAAM as a course that would allow attendees to gain accreditation. The Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and  the South African  Council for Social Service Professionals  (SACSSP)  have both  allotted 25 CPD points to the Advance Divorce Mediation Course which we present.  We are currently devising a Basic Divorce Mediation Course and intend to follow this with specialist modules.