Dear Alfred I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "I attended an advanced mediation course which was run by Alfred and Jacqui at Divorce & Family Mediators (Pty) Ltd. I found the course to be excellant and the knowedge I took away has assisted me greatly to be an astute family law mediator myself." Service Category: Family Law Mediator


I would just like to wish all a very 'mediation expanding' and prosperous 2010. And, a very special thank you to Jacqui and Alfie for their brilliant training, without which, my business could not be growing


I attended the 5 day mediation course. I was able cement all those areas that bridge mediation vs law. I feel that as mediators we need assist our clients to believe that mediation process is the way to go!

The meals and refreshments were of good quality and quantity. In future you can use the same caterer without reserve. Were the course leaders obliging and accommodating? Yes they were capable of meeting a variety of learning needs and accommodating a group from varied professional backgrounds with ease. Were the course leaders knowledgeable & enthusiastic? Yes they were and it is clear they are passionate about what they are doing. Did they answer your questions adequately? “Look in the manual” ? Yes, questions were well-answered. The presenters functioned as an integrated team.

A bit more space in re number of delegates and seating, but because of “intimate” nature of course, this was not a huge problem. I had a nice spot! AND you did apologize as you did not expect the number of delegates... Would you like to attend any future specialist modules? Yes! Especially on Body Language Child Inclusive Mediation How to handle difficult personalities Would you like to be kept abreast of our future courses and specialist modules? Yes please

Course Scored - 9.5…(it’s not modest to give a 100% score) - I came to the course looking for a career change and am positive that I have made the right one. Litigation is not a solution, mediation is!

Alfred and Jacqui, not only did I enjoy the content of the 5 days but also the completely interactive way that it was taught. You both are clearly passionate about what you do and we are the beneficiaries of this. I believe that I have found my career niche and look forward to starting to mediate with my first opportunity on the 12th August.

Hi. Thank you so much for sharing this case. I have read it carefully, and there can be no doubt that this couple would have done profoundly better had they entered into professional mediation for the following reasons but not limited to: 1. What is striking is that: they both demonstrated common ground of agreement , on many aspects, and that, in itself, would have boded well towards further encouraging them towards expanded out-come based negotiations, to bring them to a win-win situation. At greatly reduced costs to them both. Finacially and emotionally. 2. It is also interesting, and significant that; the plaintiff answered 'no', when asked if mediation would have benefitted the situation. I believe it is interesting because her answer was based on, what I percieve to be, an almost unimformed or even misinformed judgement as to the values of mediation. I found it significant because her response, like so many others, shows that citizens need more education as to what mediation is, and how beneficial a process it can be, for the entire family, during, and post divorce. Thanks again. I dig it! Best regards Anonymous (T)

Thanks Jacqui, it was a great course and I'm actually very excited for the multi-potentials of the future with this added to my basket of goods... Re your course in November, when do you require bookings by? Thanks look forward to our future affiliations, Best regards B

Hi Alfred Thank you once again for an informative and well presented course. Kind Regards RS S ATTORNEYS NO. XX ACBD ROAD PARKTOWN 2107 TEL: (011) 7x6 8xxx FAX: (011) 4x2 x6x2 / 08x61xxx25 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"The course was on an international level .. quite amazing " "Thanks for making this course available to us" !!

I found the level of training on this course to be “Advanced” scores 5 (out of a possible 5) throughout the course.